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Chengyang Electric Co., Ltd., It is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of explosion-proof products. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, coal, aerospace, shipbuilding, marine, military, fire protection, electric power, railway, metallurgy and other industries. The company is mainly engaged in explosion-proof operation box, explosion-proof button, explosion-proof magnetic starter, explosion-proof switch (circuit breaker), explosion-proof plug, explosion-proof bell, explosion-proof hose, explosion-proof stuffing box, explosion-proof cable tray, anti-corrosion control box, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof ballast, explosion-proof distribution box Explosion-proof starter, explosion-proof main electrical appliance, explosion-proof junction box and pipe fittings, explosion-proof other categories, explosion-proof accessories, etc.

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the eternal tenet of "quality for survival, service for reputation, new products for development, management for efficiency". Pay attention to the technical quality training of scientific and technological talents and employees, pay attention to product technology, improve the quality assurance system, and obtain the national certification of ISO90001 quality management system and GB/24001-2004, ISO141001-2000, environmental management system and GB/T28001-2011, QHSA/18001-2007 occupational health and safety management.

In order to better improve product quality, we have upgraded our equipment and achieved automation or semi automation in key processes such as die-casting, machining, spraying, welding, pouring, and sealing. We have various types of fully automatic and semi-automatic die-casting machines, large-scale thermoplastic injection molding machines, large-scale thermosetting injection molding equipment, various fully automatic and semi-automatic welding robots, various CNC machining, drilling, cutting centers, various CNC lathes, milling machines, and the most advanced testing equipment.



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