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  • Boom type LED explosion proof lamp
Boom type LED explosion proof lamp

Boom type LED explosion proof lamp

  • Product description: Boom type LED explosion proof lamp It is suitable for floodlighting in all kinds of chemical plants in petroleum and petrochemical industries, indoor and outdoor places, corridors and working sites wi
Boom type LED explosion proof lamp parameter

1. Rated voltage: AC / dc220v 50 / 60Hz
2. Rated power: 30W 50W
3. Standard light source: LED smd3030
4. Average life of light source: 50000h
5. Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ - + 40 ℃

6. Enclosure protection grade: IP66

7. Dimensions: ф 170X220mm
8. Net weight of product: ≤ 3kg
9. Luminaire lead-in cable: ф 8– ф 14mm

10. Cable inlet thread: G3 / 4

Boom type LED explosion proof lamp Product features

1. IIC explosion-proof type and IP66 protection grade are adopted, which can be safely used in various inflammable, explosive and harsh places;

2. The design of anti glare light distribution with circular illumination has the advantages of wide illumination range, soft and even light, and reduces the visual fatigue of staff;

3. The emergency configuration is optional, and the emergency time is more than 90 minutes, which can meet the needs of on-site emergency lighting;

4. The configuration of microwave intelligent induction is optional, which can automatically adjust the brightness of lamps and reduce unnecessary waste;

5. Bending rod type, side wall type and quick installation mode are optional to meet the installation requirements of different environments